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           Peter  Klipfel   -  Your instructor


Zumba fitness instructor since   2010             Karate  fitness instructor since  1983

Teaching fitness through fun has always been my objective  -- Nothing more boring that doing a exercise without music and the vibe of those enjoying it around you

The aim of the class is a healthier lifestyle  -- where in 60 min session you can escape the world problems and just relax  and smile while burning calories  ..

Classes now in 

Melkbosstrand ---  Melkbos country club  / morning and evening classes

Tableview --          Morning and evening classes  -  Email for more information

Parow -                 Evening Classes  Monday and Wednesday @ the NG kerk oostersee

Monte Vista -         Evening classes Monday and Wednesday - Presbyterian Church on  

                                  the  corner of Camoens and Barrow road

Zumba weight loss classes in Melkbosstrand  and Parow

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