Zumba and karate In Parow , Melkbosstrand , Tableview and Monte Vista

Peter Klipfel  -- Seiwa Kai Chief Instructor Cape Town South Africa

Peter Klipfel sensei has been in karate and judo since 1969 ... The road has been a long and interesting one that has brought me to some disappointing places as well as some interesting ones as well  ..

Now returning after a 3 year break - and starting from scratch with a group of 8 members and building .. This time round there is no interest in sport karate , but only that of Traditional karate as it was passed down ...

The class is small as I want it to be personal -- there is no glory and bling - just hard work ... Quality of quantity .

I am taking in teens and adults that are keen to learn the art of Japanese Goju ryu karate do ..

See more info at www.seiwakai.co.za

Call  0828762516  for more information on joining or email me


karate classes for teens and adults Tableview Cape town
Peter Klipfel Seiwa Kai  Cape town

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