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      Who is Seiwa Kai  Goju Ryu karate Tableview

Gogen Yamaguchi  -

Seiwa Kai  Goju Ryu was established by the late Shuji Tasaki Hanshi that was a former top student of the late Gogen Yamaguchi of Japan the originated the Japanese form of Okinawan Goju ...

This Style ( Seiwa Kai ) was brought to South Africa by the late Leo Lipinski 8th Dan in the early 60,s ... and is still flourishing with a sub group Goshukan karate , that is doing well in the sport arena .. KSA  South Africa ..

Seiwa Kai is under Ben Mare Kyoshi  7th Dan , based in Durban and is head of both Seiwa Kai in Africa as well as the sub groups .. Although Goshukan run their own organization

Yamaguchi Tasaki%20Sensei
Tasaki-Sensei  Seiwa Kai Tableview Cape town

Gogen Yamaguchi -- IKGA

The karate dojo in tableview Cape town is run by Peter Klipfel 6th Dan Seiwa Kai since 1982 ...

The instructor has produced several springboks in the National  as well as over 150 WP medal winners in the Western Province All styles karate sport arena  ... Cape Town  South Africa

Peter Klipfel shihan 6th Dan seiwa kai   Tableview Cape town  South Africa

Gogen Yamaguchi and Shuji Tasaki in the early days in Japan

Shuji Tasaki  - founder of seiwa kai Goju ryu

Peter Klipfel --  Head of Seiwa Kai  Western Cape South Africa

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